Abu Dhabi and Dubai: Where to Live?

Where to Live in the UAE? Where to Visit?

Dubai Overview

Hmmmm where to live Abu Dhabi or Dubai? Let’s explore these two amazing UAE cities!

Living in Dubai has many benefits. Dubai has been considered a tax-haven for the past ten years, with expats moving to the United Arab Emirates in their droves.

Figures from 2012 reveal that a meager 8% of Dubai’s population are Emirati – with the bulk of the country’s workforce made up of expat and migrants. Men outnumber women by 300%, so it isn’t an ideal choice for the single bachelor!

Dubai has become renowned for its fascinating construction projects, each one proving more imaginative and awe-inspiring than the last. T

the fact that this metropolis has sprouted from an area that was once deemed a barren landscape among its richer oil-wealthy neighbors, is a testament to the foresight and leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

Dubai has become a very wealthy city in a short time frame, due in part to its innovative offshore construction projects which have drawn the most inspired engineers to the area and also a booming financial services market.

Tourism plays a massive part in keeping the local economy buoyant and draws visitors from across the globe. Consequently, Dubai has access to the cream of the crop as far as recruitment is concerned and the job opportunities for expats have helped to shape the city’s growth.

Although a bustling metropolis, Dubai is strictly centered on Islam. However, the benefits for the foreign worker are many. A wealth of public and private schools exist teaching varied curricula for international students and expatriates alike.

Universities have been set up in Dubai, allowing students who have grown up in the country to gain degrees locally.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE

More Choices – Abu Dhabi and Dubai

On the other hand, living in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, but only the second-largest city is also amazing. The main difference between the two cities is Abu Dhabi had had less marketing internationally, so perhaps is less well known.

The cost of owning property is perhaps over-inflated in Dubai compared with Abu Dhabi, but prices are increasing in the latter. Dubai boasts a fantastic nightlife with lots of bars and nightclubs, whereas Abu Dhabi is much more restrained with stunning parks and tree-lined boulevards.

The cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai lie just an hour apart, but while Dubai has been integrated to some degree into the western world, Abu Dhabi remains more traditional and has lower living costs compared to its neighbor.

Abu Dhabi is the richer of the two cities due to being rich in oil and being the hub of political activity. The net income for Abu Dhabi is much higher than that of Dubai, and still rising.

Both areas are overcrowded during rush hour traffic jams and the number of road accidents in the area is increasing, however Dubai is the busier of the two in spite of being less populated.

Abu Dhabi’s legal system is more regimented than that of Dubai, so you might want to consider that when deciding where to live.

It is clear that if you are single and enjoy a bustling nightlife as well as all the benefits that a metropolis allows, Dubai might just be what you’re looking for. However, if you have a family or just enjoy a more peaceful existence, then you may feel more at home in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi has a range of universities available as well.

So when it comes to Abu Dhabi vs Dubai both have lots to offer -it is a case of the type of lifestyles and services you prefer!

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