Hop on Hop Off Buses and Bus Tours of Abu Dhabi

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Public Transport in the UAE

Abu Dhabi bus system is operated in Abu Dhabi City by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT). Buses run in Abu Dhabi City, the suburbs, the Western Region and Al Ain.

The system runs almost 24 hours a day and tickets are reasonably priced.

You can board the buses at the designated stops. Over 650 buses operate in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and buses from other Emirates run by their governments also arrive in Abu Dhabi.

The front rows of seats are reserved for female travelers and men sitting here will be asked to move. Bus times change during the month of Ramadan and for all inquires you can call the Ojra Call Center at 800 55555

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Abu Dhabi Bus Passes

It is possible to buy an Orja Bus Pass at the bus stations or at Red Crescent Kiosks throughout Abu Dhabi. It is also possible to pay on the bus, 1AED for a single trip, to do this enter from the front door, with exact change, and place the money in the box next to the driver.

Single trips on the regional routes cost AED 2. There are four kinds of tickets – one trip (AED 1), day pass (AED 3), monthly pass (AED 40), senior citizen pass and a pass for those with special needs.

When you purchase a day pass you need to scratch out the date of use. The card is not valid for 24 hours but rather from time of purchase until midnight that day. The cards should be presented to the driver. The monthly pass is used in the same way and is valid for a month from date of purchase.

Seniors (over 60) and people with special needs can get a pass providing free, unlimited bus travel. To get the pass they need to register online and provide the relevant documentation for verification of their statue.

The passes are then collected from the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station

Popular Abu Dhabi Bus Routes

  • 05 – Marine Mall/Breakwater to the Tourist Club Area;
  • 06 – Al Ras Al Akhdar/Beach to Mina Zayed/Indian Social Center;
  • 07 – Marina Mall/Breakwater to Tourist Club Area;
  • 08 – Marina Mall/Breakwater to Tourist Club Area;
  • 09 – Marina Mall/Breakwater to Tourist Club Area;
  • 11 – Marina Mall/Breakwater to Mina Zayed/Fish Market;
  • 32 – Marina Mall/Breakwater to Bain Al Jisreen;
  • 34 – Marina Mall/Breakwater to Abu Dhabi Courts/Zayed Sports City;
  • 44 – Tourist Club Area to Officers Club;
  • 52 – Tourist Club Area to Abu Dhabi Courts/Zayed Sports Club;
  • 54 -Tourist Club Area to Umm Al Naar
  • 56 – Tourist Club Area to Khalifa Park.

The Central Bus Station in Abu Dhabi is on Muroor Road next to the Al Wahda Mall.

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